3D Ultrasound Pricing & Packages

Grandparents are easy to shop for, because nothing warms their hearts like a photo of their grandchild.

Who says you have to wait for them to be born? Using the latest HD_Live Ultrasound Technology, you can have a 3D Ultrasound photo or 4D Ultrasound video to present to them sooner than you think!

 At Prenatal Universe Ultrasound we can determine the gender of your baby in as little as 13 weeks.

If you are on pins and needles wondering whether it’s a boy or girl call us to schedule an appointment, get your questions answered and shop for boy or girl clothes with absolute confidence.

Can you really tell the sex of the baby this early?

Yes, using our latest ultrasound technology and years of experience enables us to determine the gender of the baby very early at 13 weeks and  guarantee inclusive gender results with 100%  accuracy unmatched by any other clinic in Washington state.

Our modern ultrasound equipment is fine tuned by the best engineers in the country!

Now Offering The Newest Ultrasound Technology Called          HD_Live With All 3D Ultrasound Packages

!New! Advanced 3D From GE Healthcare
Static Image
Virtual Light Source

We offer One FREE Return Visit on Selected Packages if we are unable to determine the gender of the baby or get good 3D Ultrasound pictures during the first
Ultrasound scan.

  • Payment is due at the time of appointment.
  • There is an additional $20 charge for twins.
  • Prices are subject to change.Special offers cannot be combined
  • All Ultrasound sessions are performed by Appointment ONLY.
  • We are unable to accept walk-ins.

Fetal Position – $50

What position is the baby in? Recommended after 36 weeks.

  • Watch and listen to baby’s heartbeat.
  • Explanation of baby’s position.
  • 1 Black/White Photo to assure the physician or midwife that the baby is in the vertex position (head down)
  • This is included in all our 3D ultrasound packages after 36 weeks upon request.

 Early Pregnancy Peek  – $65.00

 From 8-12 weeks pregnant

  • Quick Scan up to 10 min 2D Ultrasound ( Monday-Friday)
  • Ultrasound session viewed on a big screen HDTV
  • A Few Black/White Printed Pictures
  • Confirmation of a Viable Pregnancy
  • Confirmation of the number of Babies( when ultrasound visibility is favorable)
  • Due Date Assessment (EDD)
  • Assess the presence of the Cardiac Activity
  • Baby’s Heart Rate Determination
  • See Unfelt Movements; Profile views, legs and arms can be observed starting around 10 weeks.
  • Gender determination is not included.
  • Please note: If you have not had an ultrasound previously to confirm your due date there is a chance your due date calculated by LMP is not accurate. If we are unable to visualize the embryo because of an earlier than 8 weeks gestation or other reasons a refund or free rescan will not be granted.

2D Ultimate Package – $80

  • 30 min of screen time 2D Ultrasound
  • Expert Gender Reveal Ultrasound 13 weeks and up
  • Up to 8 glossy black and white printed photos of your baby (2D format)
  • 1 CD with multiple black/white digital images to save print or email
  • 1 DVD -Video recording of your session 2D format (plays on most DVD players)
  • $20 off return visit for a 4D Popular or 4D Ultimate ultrasound package (same pregnancy)
  • Fetal Heart Rate Determination (Upon Request)
  • Listen/Record Baby’s Heartbeat Upon Request (bring your own gadget for recording)
  • Ultrasound session viewed in great detail on a big screen HDTV
  • A thorough overview/explanation of the position of the baby, placenta, umbilical cord insertion site and more.
  • Return for Free if we are not 100% sure about the gender on 1st visit

4D Ultimate-$165

  • 30 scanning minutes in 3D/4D/ and NEW HD_Live Technology
  • 6 colored printed out photos on glossy photo paper-3D format
  • One CD with multiple 3D digital images to save print or email
  • One DVD- Video recording of your session (unedited) including 4D live motion(if the baby moves during the scan) (plays on most DVD players)
  • Up to 8 black and white printed photos of your baby- 3D format
  • All Ultrasound Photos Sent to your mobile phone or email for Free.
  • $25 off your  return visit on our Popular or Ultimate 3D/4D package (same pregnancy)
  • Gender Determination/Confirmation
  • Evaluation of the Fetal Presentation
  • Free Rescan if the baby did not participate for obtaining pictures

Super Peek-3D/4D-$230

  • Two 4D &NEW HD_Live ultrasound sessions-20min each
  • Free Complimentary 3rd visit to check the position of your baby upon request after 36 weeks. A $40 Value (3rd visit on weekdays only)- you get 3 appointments total for one price!
  • 4 colored/glossy printed images of your baby-each session
  • Up to 8 black and white printed photos of your baby- 3D format( each session)
  • One CD with multiple color 3D images to save print or email (each session)
  • One DVD (per each session) Which is a Video recording of your ultrasound (unedited) including 4D live motion(if the baby moves during the scan) (plays on most DVD players)
  • Expert Gender Determination/Confirmation
  • Evaluation of the Fetal Presentation
  • Upon Request-One Free additional CD (per session) with multiple digital 3D photos –Great for Grandparents.
  • $25 off any return visit during the current pregnancy
10% off Discount for US Military on any regular priced 3D/4D packages-and still provide an Outstanding Quality of work and Unmatched Gender Accuracy as usual

Open Mon-Sat 9am-7pm. If you have a busy schedule during the normal working hours we may have openings for you in the evening.

Please, call 253-880-9290 to check availability

What is a 2D ultrasound image? These type of images are black/white ultrasound photos & the same type of pictures you typically receive after your ultrasound appointment at your doctors office or hospital. We will be using 2D or Two Dimentional ultrasound modality to capture those classic profile views of your baby when you are coming in for your gender determination ultrasound or early pregnancy peek package.

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