Mom Is In For a Routine Ultrasound, But Doctor Says “Oh My Gosh” After Seeing 3 Babies


Any mom would find it disconcerting to hear their doctor say “Oh My Gosh” during a routine ultrasound. Kelly Myers was only a few weeks pregnant when she received the biggest surprise of her life.
Kelly lives in Ohio with her husband James and their children.

The couple had always had different ideas on how big they wanted their family to be. Kelly wanted one child, but James wanted a big family. As James puts it “a couple of boys and a couple of girls.”

Being a loving husband and father that he is, James was able to change Kelly’s mind, and they had three girls and a boy. Soon, Kelly fell pregnant with baby number five. The couple were already in their groove as a family or as they put it “constant chaos”. Yet, it’s clear that they are excited for their new baby.

When Kelly went to see her doctor, nothing prepared her for what she was about to find out. The doctor looked at her ultrasound and said “Oh My Gosh”, in shock. Kelly asked her if she saw two babies. The doctor replied, “No, three”.

But there was more. “Oh My Gosh”, the doctor shouted again. By now Kelly was completely baffled and asked the doctor what was happening. The doctor replied that there were four babies.
The doctor couldn’t believe what she was seeing and asked Kelly if she and James had been using fertility treatments or had IVF.

Kelly and James had conceived quadruplets naturally. This was a 1 in 700,000 chance. All four eggs had been fertilized with the babies’ cozy in their own sacs with their own placentas.
By now both James and Kelly were crying. Still, the ultrasound surprises didn’t stop there. Three of the babies were girls, and the fourth was a boy.

Watch the video to share this incredible experience.

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