Pregnant Wife Wants To Film Her First Baby Ultrasound, But Doctor Urges Her To Stop


Jessica Capitani was overjoyed anxiously waiting for her baby’s first ultrasound. She couldn’t wait to find out more about her beautiful baby developing inside her pregnant belly. Her mom and husband shared in her joy and excitement.

The video you are about to watch was posted on May 26, 2015. Jessica shares how she thought the ultrasound was only going to show her the baby’s gender. She hadn’t realized the other reasons doctors do ultrasounds. In Jessica’s words, “I was so naïve…”

Jessica is happily laying down with the ultrasound photos of her baby. She is excitedly showing her mom, who is recording the moment on camera, and husband Frank-that they are expecting a boy.
Jessica recalls how they couldn’t wait to share the news with everyone in their family and friends that they are going to have a son.

These feelings were about to become muddled with other emotions.

The doctor told them that it is best they don’t continue recording their announcement of their baby’s gender. He said: “You probably don’t want to videotape this.”

The camera turns off and the Capitani family find out that their unborn son has a variety of health problems. The doctor told them that their baby had Down Syndrome, heart problems and hydrocephalus (a condition of excess fluid within the brain).

After hearing the news, they decide that every child is a blessing no matter what. Jessica gave birth to their precious boy, and they named him Caden, which has a meaning of “fighting spirit”.

With unwavering hope, the family believed in their miracle baby boy. They watched Caden defy the doctors’ predictions and develop into a happy, healthy and active boy.

Today, Caden is thriving and lives life with gusto and joy. He adds light to the lives of those around him and is considered a medical miracle.

Watch the video below to see how Caden is doing today and SHARE this story with your friends on Facebook!

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